• Make yourself visible.

  • Without expensive campaigns on the radio, newspaper or on posters.

  • Instead, with a targeted, congruent and constant presence on social media.

  • Be closer to your (potential) customers than ever before.

  • Are the resources or know-how missing? We help.

  • We deliver tailor-made solutions. As cost-effectively as possible.

  • In short: perfect for small and very small businesses.




We deliver personal pictures and videos. Put your products and services in the limelight. We optimize format and resolution for social media.



We take care of the creation of your social media content. In addition to personal pictures and videos, we also provide the appropriate text. The best (hash)tags are included.



We take over your entire social media presence. Your accounts are in good hands with us. We design, plan, create and publish your social media content. All from a single source.



Option 1

  • If you wish, you will receive your digital products once.

  • Individual pictures/videos or the entire content for your posts.


Option 2

  • We take out a subscription.

  • Every week you will receive the desired number of pictures/videos or the content for the desired number of posts.


Option 3

  • We take over your social media accounts.

  • We post the desired number of posts every week. This also includes stories.

  • We answer inquiries, comments and distribute likes on your behalf.


Ruedi Beck NUXARA Productions.jpg

Currently, "we" are actually "me". And my cameras. My computer might be one of us as well. A real team. "Me" is Ruedi. Ruedi Beck. Ruedi S. Beck to be precise. But you can call me Ruedi. Or Rudy, if that's easier.


My resume is ... different. I have a Bachelor of Science in Sports Science. A Master of Science in Business Administration. Before that, music was the focus of my life. I worked for a global bank for several years. Then about the same number of years in IT at a global industrial group.


Then came the "burnout". On the way back, which I address at www.cyclingmyway.ch , I tried to find out what I like to do and what I am good at. Regardless of whether I make money with it. The insight was: cycling, taking photos and telling a story with the product. Optimized for social media. Long-range channels at low prices.


I am happy to help you tell your story on social media. Together we are stronger.


Together we will find the best possible solution, how my support could look like. Every order is tailor-made. Contact me using the coordinates below.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I'm happy about every message I get.


NUXARA Productions

Nesslerenweg 46

3084 Wabern


+41 79 513 64 12


Many thanks!




...we do it for you!

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